Sunday, August 31, 2014

Maus/ Connection Captain/ Sydney

   On page 109 of Maus, Tosha and another women are talking about how the Germans are making them all go to Aushawitz to the gas chamber. But Tosha refuses, and kills herself and the 3 children. This part reminds of a movie that I once watched call " The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" It's all about two young boys who become friends. But one of the boys is a Jew in a concentration camp and the other is a german boy that lives near the camp. Throughout the movie you find out what they did to the Jews in the Concentration camps and also how the Natzis lied to their people about the camps. They were portraying the camps in a positive way so that they wouldn't know what they were really doing. I think that the movie and the movie have connection because they both talk about how terrible these camps were.     Source
On page 110 of Maus, they talk about how Vladeck and what was left of his family had to hide from the Gestapo in a bunker that they had made. I made a connection from this scene to today and the current wars and how people that are in theses kinds of wars had to do the same as them. The one war that I thought was like Holocaust was the war between Sudan and South Sudan, because both were about differences in religon. In the war between the two countries it was the Arab and Muslim against the Christian and Animist. In the end they both won because now each country has the religon that they wanted.It made me very curios though on why we even had fights about religon. I mean everyone has the right to believe in what they would like to so why kill people for it?  Overall I thought it was very interesting that their are still wars about religon. Source

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