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4# job - Question Commander Felipe M.

4# job - Question Commander   Felipe M.

Rotation 2#

Page 72-127

1st question:
       Imagine yourself in the Second World War, you just got separated from your parents, which are probably going to Auschwitz. What would you do? Try to save them and put your one life in risk or mind your one business and try to survive?
       I would try to save my family even-thought this would mean putting my life at risk, because if your family wasn't there before you, you wouldn't exist and in a situation like this one, your family is all you have

2nd question:
       It must've been very difficult for somebody to have killed their one children. If you raise a child you will obviously love her with all your heart, even if this child has some problems. Would you get to a certain point that you would kill your one child? 
      The only way that I would kill my own child would be that if the child would have to pass through an extreme suffering or if the child would be in an extreme suffering, because the worst 
punishment, in my opinion, is  watching your one son die with your one eyes.

3rd question:
       If you where a polish jew at WWII and the germans where killing every jew they saw on the street. In a bunker you live with little food, but eventually somebody would have to get out to get food. If you where in a bunker with your family and you only had food supplies for one more week, What would you do? Would you not go out and wish for the situation to calm down, would you wait a little longer than go get food, or would you immediately go out to get more food?   
       I would go immediately get food that does not decay. Because if the situation got worse, maybe I would not be able to get more food. If we needed other kinds of food I would risk my life to get it, because a little chance of surviving is better than no chance.


  1. Felipe, I agree with you on your first question. Your family members deserves to be alive. If I was the one that was going to die, I would want my family members to save me. Knowing that one of my family members died because I didn't help them would make me feel terrible.

    It would make me feel really sad if my only son died. I think I wouldn't have the courage to kill my own son. But, I understand that the aunt poisoned them so they wouldn't suffer more. If they were alive, they would go through so many horrible things. The fact that the aunt killed them so they wouldn't have to suffer more makes me realize that how bad things were. It was so bad that killing themselves was a better option.

  2. I really think that to kill a son requires a lot of anger and fear because that is a decision you can't change after you do it, the same goes for killing yourself.

  3. Felipe,

    Good job on your blog entry! I chose to talk about your first question. I liked how you were very reflective upon this question; however, I think you should have explained it little bit more, talked more about it.

    Now, it's my turn to answer the question. I agree with you that you should save your family because, in this case, every family was very protective to each other and the least you could to repay them in that situation is try to save them, even if you have a high chance of dying. That happened to a lot of people, and that is a fact, but I think it really depends if you would ask them that question. In the book, Vladek states that every person was on their own now and that families many times didn't support each other. If that is the case someone is going through and they get the news that their family might go to Auschwitz, they might not go because they didn't get any help from the family members. But let's say the family was very supportive to that person, so they might want to go save the family. And those are just two of the thousands of other possibilities.