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Persepolis Risk Taking Researcher Lucas T.

Lucas Taragano
Persepolis Until pg 62
Risk Taking Researcher

The book Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi until now has shown itself to be very intruiging and fun, at the same time. Yet there are some things that are worth reserching to make the reading experience even better.

What Does Persepolis Mean?
Persepolis, if translated literally means "city of Persians". Persia was an empire that was located where today is Iran. Below there is a map of the Persian empire. Anyways, Persepolis was the capital, the main city, of the Achaemenid Empire, which was ruled by Cyrus the Great. Today, the city of Persepolis is still existing, located inside Iran. Even though Persepolis eventually was ruled by Cyrus the Great, it was originally founded by King Darius. In addition, when Alexander the Great was taking over and/or raiding these Arab regions, him and his troops burned Persepolis down. Yet, later it was restored. The city today has ancient architecture, and is rich with history, myths, legends and more. Until now, no information, aside that the main character lives in Iran, was given specifically about Persepolis.

A Film?
Yes. The graphic novel, in 2007, was produced into a movie, which was directed by Marjane Satrapi herself! This movie was released seven years after the book was originally Published. The movie was an animation in black and white, and the figures are actually really similar to the ones in the book. In the pictures below, a comparison can be made. In its initial release, this movie had some problems with the Iranian government, but in the end was legalized again.

Movie (Source)

Book (Source)
Persepolis 2
The book Persepolis got a sequel in 2004, also by Marjane Satrapi. The book's title is Persepolis 2: A Story of return. In this sequel, the protagonist Marjane is sent to study in Vienna, and she is much older now. In this book, she continues to learn more about herself and about what growing up is like. Below is the book cover.

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