Sunday, May 3, 2015

Historical context

Robert Gibbs
Sunday May 3 2015
Humanities bl 1,6

What is the role of conformity and nonconformity in the novel, and how does this connect to the historical setting of the text?  

            Conformity comes later in the book towards page (80, persepolis) and onwards where the regime gets into power and enforced their religious laws on the people of Iran. At this point they started to force all women to wear veils, and men could no longer wear ties. In the novel the people had to chose to go along with the regime and follow these laws or be executed. This play a big part in the novel because Marjane has conflicts because of martyrs, because of the revolution People who get killed for the cause are considered heros and many of her friends had martyrs in their families. So she tries to lie that she her dad had his leg and his arm cut off in prison. Which in the cartoon shows her friend thinking too much. After this Marjane has to start using the veil which was different because in school they would often make fun of the religious leaders and the veils. Marjane started to listen to bands like lead Zeppelin and Iron Maiden. Bands from the west which were prohibited so she had to buy them from the black market. In that time periode Iran was in conflict because the people and mostly the women were being surpress and the religious leaders imposed religious laws on the people and if the people chose to not conform they would be killed. And this plays the role where none of the things in the book would have actually happened if no one was trying to make them conform. This connects to the time periode as mentioned before this was during the revolution back in 1970s to 1980s the story is a true story that completely revolves around it and is based on the story of Marjane.

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