Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week #3 - Illoustrious Artist - Chloé C.

I chose this image because of the end of Maus. When the book ended Vladek told Art he got rid of the diaries and Art called him a murder. Up until now I didn't really understand that but after thinking for a while more I realized what it meant. Since Anja's diaries where a few of the last things that talked about the war Art thought it would be good to show the stories in his book. However, when Vladek got rid of the books he destroyed precious memories that were never going to be seen again. Destroing those mamories felt for Art as though he was destroing part of his mother, amking his father a "killer". Overall, even though it took me some time to undderstand the book I really liked the stoey of Maus and how Art Spiegelman managed to make it more interesting by turning into a comic book which is more appealing to younger readers.


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