Sunday, March 1, 2015

Connection Captain - Gabriela Campos

Art Spiegleman
Pages 129-159
Connection Captain

Maus is a book we can connect to many things, mainly because of the fact that it was set during the gruesome, violent and deadly WWII, but also because it is basically Art's grandfather's autobiography during that time period.

The first thing I can compare the graphic novel to is the crisis that is now present in the Middle East. With terrorist groups like the Islamic State conquering cities and nearly conquering a few countries such as Syria. They have already caused chaos and they argue that they are doing this because of their religion, because they want everyone to follow them and follow their god. This is similar to the Nazis because the Nazis wanted to eliminate everyone who they didn't agree with and didn't exactly grow fond of. The members of ISIS or ISIL are the same, because they are eliminating and threatening to eliminate those who cross them (the ones they didn't grow fond of) and those who don't succumb to their leadership.

I chose this image to represent the paragraph above because it clearly represents how ISIS and the Nazis are similar, by putting them together in one image and telling us how dangerous they are.

The second thing I can compare Maus to is to my grandfather, due to the fact that he was shipped off to fight against Mussolini in Italy for the allies. He was a soldier in the Brazilian army just like his brother, however he never truly fought, but he got to see the thousands of dead bodies that littered the streets, just like Vladek did and when he told me about it, I could easily tell that even though his stay in Italy had been short, the little he saw, scarred him forever.

The image selected above represents the Brazilian Expeditionary Force sent to Italy, in other words the one my grandfather was a part of. He is not seen in this picture, however he does recognise the third man, whom was allegedly a friend of his.

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