Monday, March 2, 2015

Risk Taking Reasercher - Blog Post #3 - Guilherme


Pages 129 - 259

Art Spiegelman


This week I was curious to know more about the author of the book Maus. I wanted to know more about his process of writing and concluding this book together with his father. So I reaserched and found some interviews about him. I found out that he as a person does not feel right when he talks about it with other people. He sais that by saying that he wrote the best holocaust related book in the united states bums him. He added that it isnt something to be proud of, but something to reflect apon and think about the horrible experiences that people had and how that event changed peoples lifes.
I also found out that his seccond book: Maus: And Here My Trubles Began, published on the year of 1991 had an exhibition on the New York Museum of Modern Art. Also it got lots of attention of critics, giving him a the Pulitzer prize in 1991. Before he wrte Mause he was a front page illustrator for the news paper The New Yorker. 

Other thing that I noticed is that to fully understand Maus you have to understand that the second world war. In the seccond world war people that werent perfect in the view of the nazis were doomed to die. No matter how hard you try, or how much effort you put into, they would eventually find you. For example Anne Frank, her entire family had a plan to hide and survive after the war. The plan worked for more than a year ,however, they were descovered and were almost all killed.

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