Monday, March 2, 2015

Illustrious Artist Jason Hyun

The main goal in my drawing was to explain that "nothing bad is caused by not reaching a certain goal, negative influence is only caused by reaching the wrong goal". Many people might say that this quote is insanely wrong nevertheless the reality maybe different. Look at it this way, Hitler was extremely successful, he reached his goal and he even went beyond it. Hitler wanted the Aryan race to rule over the world and for other races to perish. Well, just by looking at his mission statement and what he caused in our world you can immediately see that his goal is utterly wrong. Like you might wonder how would he be successful with such a genocide and why would he do it. If you ask me the answer to that question I really don't know I am not a social-path. His goal seems unreachable but he was somewhat successful. Yeah... if you tell me that killing 6 million Jews is not enough, I really don't know what is wrong with your mind. So overall, we can state that Hitler's goal was remarkably wrong and that he has caused a REALLY negative influence in the world by even coming close to reaching that goal.

Now you might ask me, how can not reaching a positive goal be a good thing. To start off, I really didn't say that by not reaching a certain goal, it will bring positive influence to this society of ours I said that everything will remain NEUTRAL except for yourself whom will be extremely ticked off  that you couldn't reach your desired goal. Okay, for example there is this scientist who wants to find a cure for cancer. But it is too much work so he just gives up. Of course, the scientist would be po'ed with himself. Nevertheless everything in our world would be running normally (yeah... people dying from cancer is normal, even though it is a pretty hard fact to face).

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