Sunday, March 8, 2015

Illustrious Artist - Maus

By Art Spiegelman 
Page 129 - 159
Illustrious Artist 
Ryoung Kim

For this week's role, I chose to do the illustrious artist and this drawing represents Vladek's sickness. The mouse on the drawing is Vladek and the symbol next to Vladek is the symbol for sickness. I chose to draw this because I found this scene as the most interesting scene while reading. The scene was the most interesting scene to me because its descriptions helped me image the scene and was described as if Vladek was seriously ill. Also, the scene was very surprising for me because Vladek is described as a very brave, strong and a risk taking character in the book even though he had a several heart attacks. For example, on page 138, he gave his identity away to a man he spoke to in Hebrew while he was trying to hide the fact that he was Jewish so he wouldn't get killed by the Nazis and the Gestapo (Trcs). Also, Vladek has sent away the one whom he had loved to heaven and had to stand the pain of his mother's suicide. He had survived war, depression and sickness. For these reasons, Vladek's illness was the most surprising and interesting scene to me.

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