Sunday, March 8, 2015

Formative Blog Post #4

Literary Analysis-
What theme or themes does the author explore in the novel?  Which passages in the text connect to theme?
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I believe that within the book Maus it refers to the idea that you have no real friends and that their needs will always come before yours and vice-versa, that in their view they are more important than you, even some of your family members. This can be seen in various such as on page 6 when Vladek told Artie, "Friends? Your friends?... If you lock them in a room with no food for a week...THEN you could see what it is, friends!" This really points out the fact that Vladek has seen the worst in people, that they betray their friends when they aren't being paid, that they fight over bread crumbs. Another quote to emphasize this point was "At that time it wasn't anymore families. It was everyone to take care of himself."-114. This quote shocks you as you finally realize that families were torn apart because some people were only looking out for themselves. On the contrary to what we have read in Maus, in the diary of Anne Frank, Miep and Mr. Kraller who are good friends of Mr. Frank help him out which really changes this idea. There are many other cases in which families or friends helped out Jews. From this comparison one can conclude that it really depends on one's experience and their view on life to reach these two very different points. Anne in which the diary was based on always thought the best of people while Vladek has seen very gruesome things and may be feeling the consequences or results of surviving the Holocaust.

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