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Formative Blogpost - Week #4 - Isa F.


Art Speigelman


Week #4

Pages 3 - 62 (including INTRO)

Literary Question

4. Describe a choice made by a character in the novel.  Why did the character make this choice?  Was his or her action justified?

One decision that the main character has made was choose her own path. Marjane, the main character, makes decisions throughout the first few pages all the time. One main decision that she makes is that she chooses her own way, what she believes in. That is a choice she makes, she makes a decision to takes advice from and see God. She convinces herself that she can change, and if she wouldn't act that way the book wouldn't be the same.
       One example of a choice is that she has chosen to believe what is told to her, which can come back and bite her in the future. A example of this is when she hears her teacher saying one thing, and later on while the Islamic Revolution is going on, she mentions it in class and the teacher gets mad at her. This is used as an example because she choses to believe in whatever people tell her, and her actions prove me right. 
       A second example of her following her own path, is when she is in class during school and they ask her what is the career she wants to take when she gets older. Not thinking what others would say, she speaks her free minds and says, "I would like to be a prophet." This proves that she is a girl who isn't afraid of other people's opinions. She is living in a mind where freedom is the main objective. 

I chose this picture to represent my idea because I thought that it showed what is happening to the girl. She is trapped inside this community where things are going wrong, but she still lets her imagination take its way. 

Pic #1

Pic #2

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