Monday, February 9, 2015

Maus Week #1 - Guilherme Tobinaga - Connection CaptainHitlers ini

Guilherme Tobinaga


Art Spiegelman

Connection Captain 

Rotation #1

Pages 5 - 71

Just like you, everyone around you, my self included has a different point of view to how the world could be perfect, Hitler had his. He thought that by killing every one that was not pure aryan the world could be perfect. Also that jews were a threat and that they would harm every one if they didn't do something about it.

The main idea that Hitler had was to create an utopia, however as we can see in many modern cases. Some books for instance, in "Uglies" they believed that only pretty people were good to the world and also that since in the beginning of their life they were ugly they didnt have to remember that part so they erased their minds. They believed that by doing that the world would become perfect. Other book for example: "The Giver" every thing was perfect until someone notices the unfairness and lack of humanity in their life plan. They lived in a 100% controlled society were no one saw colors to disable" their creativity. Hitler in the other hand thought that he would make the world perfect if there were only full aryan people. 


  1. Gui,
    I found really interesting that you related what we are reading now, to what we have read in the past. There are many things in this book that are like the other books, and that is what you have said. The only problem is that you didn't highlight what it is called. You could have said that it is either fascism or communism. Also, the two books, we have read last year, are examples of communist societies, and the book we are no reading is an example of a fascist society.

  2. Gui, I really like how you compare this book with the book Uglies. The only flaw of the comparison is that all Uglies can become Pretties once they come of the right age. Other than that, I totally agree. The Uglies are treated with less care than the other communities. They have to suffer more than the others. The Uglies in WWII are the Jews and the Pretties would be the Germans and other neutral/friends. Just like you, I think that the feeling of rejection of some people are present in both books. I don't see how you can connect the book The Giver with Maus since fascism from Maus does not focus on equality but more of the state. The Giver focuses on equality since everybody are treated the same way and are kept away from restrictions.

  3. Gui,

    Everyone has a different idea to what the perfect world could be and as you said Hitlers was a world with no Jews, Blacks only pure aryan which I strongly think is a dystopia. No one should be treated badly; everyone, no matter your race, age or capabilities have the right to be treated well and to do what they want with out being afraid of what someone might do. Once again everyone has a different idea to what the perfect world would be however if there is unequally and different treatment depending on how you were born I strongly disagree that it is a 'perfect' world.

  4. I really liked how you compared the fact that hitler wanted to create an utopia, with the utopia in "The Giver" where people didn't have a say, and that they couldn't see what was happening in their own society. Do you think that like in "The Giver" Hitler tried to keep 100% of control over the society so that they could not see the real problems in the world, and so they wouldn't go against the government consequently making them stop what they were doing to the jews? And do you think that the people from the society knew what was going on with the jewish?

  5. Gui,

    I found it clever the way you give an example of how everyone has their own perfect world. I agree with you in the part that you mention that everyone has their own perspective, but I will have to veto the fact that Hitler had his own perspective of the world.
    As many people know, Hitler didn't only kill jews. In fact 6 of the 9 unfortunate million who passed away were not jewish. What Hitler wanted, was to be the owner of the world, and dominate.
    I have a question to ask you, and would be very pleasured if you answered.

    What would YOU do if u were in Hitler's position.