Monday, February 9, 2015

Line Illuminator- Round 1- Mari H.

Maus I
Art Spiegelman
Line Illuminator
Round 1

"If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week ... then you could see what it is, friends!" (Page 6)

      The reason why I choose this quote is that it relates to the lifestyle of a child/teenager, and it also connects to the rise of Hitler. First, it relates to the lifestyle teenagers because people pretend to be friends for attention, and they can be only interested in them when other people start to notice them. This comes to the idea of fake, and how they "put on a show" to become friends, but when it ends, they go away as if nothing had ever happened. Next, this connects to the rise of Hitler because they used propaganda to interest people to be on their side, when the people had no idea what they were really dealing with. In conclusion, the falsehood is all there is in these two very different settings, but it isn't anything more than a "joke".

"And I don't need to tell you how big the joy was in our house." (Page 66)

      The reason why I choose this quote is that the family was so happy to be reunited again to even forget the circumstances they were in. Being in the middle of what was to be a the second World War, nothing good seems to be happening. But, when this happened, they had reached the most happy they could've been, at that time. That is what happens in humanity: the events happening all around them are so bad, that when something small, but good happens to them, it seems like the happiest time on Earth. This wouldn't happen in the day-to-day basis for most people because they aren't in such bad circumstances all the time.


  1. Mari,

    In the first quote: "If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week ... then you could see what it is, friends!" I really liked how you made two different connections and one of them that most of us can strongly relate to it. You gave me a different point of view to look from. It changed the way I understood the rising of Hitler to power Also I thought that your connection of something that can be so small compared to the other seem almost the same.

  2. Mari,

    I enjoyed reading your post because you really connected to something that happens a lot in our lives. Whether you're a teenager or adult, you will come across fake people who will only be with you when you're at your highest, and disappear when you're at your lowest. Also, the happiness they were feeling when they got reunited was immense, since everything around them is horrible, just being able to be reunited with your family, brings them the most amount of happiness ever. Things like these don't happen mostly around us, but when they do, it's like they open your eyes a little more and you see and understand the world around you even more.

  3. Mari,

    Your selection of Quotes were great. Especially your first quote. I also liked your expression of "Put on a show". It's like first meeting someone and you know their outsides, but not their insides. The way I think about this quote is very similar to yours. I think that true friends are willing to protect, support, and really care about you. True friends might even sacrifice their lives for us. Though in our society, friends are much safer to those environments, they don't even care
    So moving on to the Second Quote. It's true that this very touching on his perspective. It's been years almost having to die just to reunite with his family. What I liked about this quote is that, it continued with a quote, "Grandma, your stew is even tastier than I remembered!" I find this quote better than "I don't need to tell you how big the joy was in the house." in my opinion. The stew quote shows how much tasty it is after having a bread each day.

  4. Mari,

    I really like your post, it is really thoughtful. I think that you putting two examples in you blogpost was really nice because we could see the reason you choose your quote in two points of views. Also, your first image is really strong so it combined with your post in a way. Your image shows that the peoples IDs at the time of wars were almost always fake because they didn't want people to recognize them. I think your second quote was really nice. Maybe you should have added another example to it, even though your explanation is really good. I wonder if you would hide your ID even though they would let you pass? Would it be worth the risk to show up with your real ID?