Sunday, February 8, 2015

Alicia Blog Post #1 Connection Captain

I noticed a connection between the book (or movie) The Life of Pi and the graphic novel Maus by Art Spiegelman. Both stories have symbolism between the animals and humans. In Maus, the mice represent Jews and the cats represent the Nazis. This is a metaphor itself because cats chase mice, and the Nazis chased the Jews. There are also pigs, but I'm not sure who they represent, though it might be the Polish people. In The Life of Pi, All of the animals on the boat were actually representing the few survivors that escaped the ship in the storm. 

Hyena - the cook from the ship, kills both the "zebra" and the "orangutan",  represents the ruthless evil in the world 
Zebra - a young Chinese sailor whose leg is broken, represents the vulnerable things in life and how they are attacked (like by the "hyena" who eats the zebra ) 
Orangutan - Pi's mother, represents safety and protection
Tiger AKA Richard Parker - Pi himself, represents Pi's inner strength (when Richard Parker disappears once Pi is on land again, it shows he was never real, only what Pi needed for strength), kills the "hyena" 

Also, this semester we are going to read Animal Farm by George Orwell, which also includes symbolism between animals and humans.

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  1. Alicia,

    Your post is spectacular, and there are many reasons to support that. First, before I start, I loved the movie The Life of Pi, and it was a great connection with Maus. The way you connected as the Mice representing Jews, and Cats representing the Nazi. It has a very similar concept with Tom and Jerry. Just the idea of Mice as Jews, and Cats as Nazis', is an idea I wouldn't never come thought of.
    You did well on your first connection, but the second connection could have been longer. I haven't read Animal Farm yet, and I'm looking forward to read the book of The Life of Pi.