Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What theme or themes does the author explore in the novel?  

Persepolis is framed by events taking place during and after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. During this time, the Shah of Persia was overthrown and eventually replaced by an Islamist government. Many Iranians who had supported the Shah were exiled or left the country. The author Satrapi re tells her experience of the Revolution, which includes bombings, stories of torture, and the violent deaths of family and friends. Following the Revolution, intense social changes took place as what had previously been a liberal, pro-Western country, became a religious republic. So far from what I have read, Satrapi has  re told having to put on the veil, and learning religious and governmental propaganda in school.

I find it interesting how the main character who is the author, is supposedly a ten year old girl, but yet the way she is describe her self she seems to be ahead of her age. She wants to go to demonstrations, she believes that the Shah was chosen by god himself, she wants to be a prophet, these ideas and thoughts are not what most ten year old girls think of. So what comes to mind when reading the way her childhood was, it makes me think about how the environment she is living in and in her educational life is shaping who she is. In the book when she says "As for me I love the king, he was chosen by God." This intrigued her father and he asked her where she got hr information she replies by saying "It's written on the first page of our school book." This is the main example of how oblivious her school and peers were making her.

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