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Risk Taking Researcher- James Henderson

JamesRisk Taking Researcher Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi Rotation #4 Introduction & pages 3-62 

The graphic novel Persepolis was written by Marjane Satrapi. Persepolis is an autobiography of the author detailing her childhood and young adult life during and after the Islamic Revolution (Persepolis Comics - Wikipedia). Marjane Satrapi grew up in a middle class family in Tehran. Her parents were highly educated. She was from the priviledged minority, but based upon this book, and her biography, she lived through many things.

What is most compelling in her biography is the theme of violence in her life.  She lived through many terrible events, such as the execution of her uncle.  We can only imagine, as we ourselves are priviledged, what this must have been like for a young girl in Iran. Her parents became worried when Marjane started to break rules and codes for the women of Iran. Her parents then sent her to study in Austria and had many adventures. Currently she lives in Paris France with her husband and speaks Persian, French, English, Italian, Swedish, and German.

The book takes place during the Iranian Revolution also known as the Islamic Revolution. The Islamic Revolution took place in 1979 when Shah left Iran. In 1978 the year before demonstrations broke out against Shah. This was a relatively peaceful revolution although after the revolution there was a lot of blood shed. The cause of the Islamic Revolution was because of Shah's regime which was brutal and corrupt. Shah was perceived as a non-muslim and was influenced by a western power the united states. This influenced lots of people to make petitions and protest.

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  1. I truly find it very hard for the author to have lived on something really tough as this. Shea had her uncle executed, but it was easy for execution as this time, because during this time period, there were many changes being occurred, and she as a child could do nothing but watch, watch people losing their families, watch bad leadership, watch her nation change, and that must have impacted her a lot, because she could do nothing, and she was being affected a lot by it.