Sunday, November 2, 2014

Line Illuminator Persepolis Week 4#

Post by Heitor G.

Line 1#
"The revolution is like a bicycle, when the wheels don't turn, it falls."Pg 10
I think this quote is very true in many ways, for example, when people don't cooperate in a revolution, they can't do anything, because the most powerful voice is one of a group. Alone we can state the problems and what we want changed, but we are much more powerful when we unite together as one. This quote also applies for many things in life that require a certain amount of time and constant cooperation.

Line 2#
"We didn't really like to wear the veil, especially since we didn't understand why we had to."Pg 3
This quote makes me realize how innocent children are at the time of war and suffering. The children could get into serious trouble just because they don't wear and article of clothing they don't even know why they have to wear. It is truly unfair for them to suffer since they lack reason to be suffering.


  1. I really found the quotes you chose interesting, because it is true for a revolution, that everybody needs to work together and push forward, and it is not always that a revolution works, but for it to be more efficient, and have a better chance, you will need to commit to it and push forward, because if you stop just like the bicycle you will fall, and so you need to work together as a group. For the second quote I agree with you, and children should not be affected because of the revolution and the war, children should not need to worry about these things, they should focus more on their life, because after all the world out there is too harsh for children to be part of it, and that can cause them to suffer because of the cause of their own nation.

  2. Heitor,
    I found interesting your lines. I think the first one, specially is hiding a metaphor on it. The children compare things they don´t understand to things the usually see or know about. In this case this is not just any comparison, it is an insightful one. Since the whole country is going through a revolution everyone should be able to decide to pedal or not to the “progress“ if the people do not cooperate the bike is going to fell down. Good Job

  3. Heitor,

    The quotes you choose were mainly focused on the 1979 revolution. This revolution took a large toll on the children of Iran. Iranian often lost their parents and family member due to the violence following after and during the protests. Many died in prison or simply shot on the street. The book Persepolis is an autobiography of the author showing all the people she lost during the 1979 revolution and what happened to her after.