Sunday, November 16, 2014

Question Commander- Habibeh Marron

Habibeh Marron
Question Commander
By Marjane Satrapi
Rotation #6
Pages 110-153

Since there is a second volume of Persepolis most of the plots are unconcluded. So I have some questions to show in order to make the reading more interesting for all of us.

What does “To die a martyr is to inject blood in the veins of society“?
In Persepolis Marjane tires to tell us her story. In this story she includes a lot of metaphors that seem to extravagant for a twelve-year-old girl. In page 115 there is this metaphor that sounds extremely intelligent. Me me this quote means that when the government or whoever murders innocent people all the society that supported or contributed with the sin are going to have pain for all their lives. Living with the idea that they are murders. At least that is how Marjane sees it, and it seems a good point to discuss.
Why did Marjane wanted to grow up so bad?
We know that Marjane wanted to be idealistic and revolutionary, that her ideas were always beyond her age. In page 117 we see pictures of Marjane smoking and saying “With the first cigarette I kiss  childhood goodbye“. This left me thinking about how she wanted to be responsible and the reason of it is because of the war. The war make children to grown faster and to be alert of every threat they feel.

What can we expect for the second volume based on the one we have already read?
Marjane left to Australia in the end of the book. The story is unconcluded and the war too. For the second volume hopefully Marjane is going to see her parents again and they will be reunited. But like any other war this one is tough for everyone and is going to live destruction behind it so for a kid that has gone through issues like this is impossible to live in peace again. The childhood is the most important part of your life is when you learn the stuff that is going to built your personality for the rest of your life.


  1. Ha, I agree with you about all the things that you said, but there was one thing that I became curious to find out… In your first question you say that there was a metaphor that was really interesting; however you don’t mention it in the text. On your second question, I agreed too about what you said. The wars do make kids grow up a bit faster and make them have to adapt, too. I enjoyed very much the source from the book that you used also. It really helped the reader get along and very nice choice of dialogue. This quote from Marjane really matched you purpose so congrats. For your last question, i also agreed with you about your predictions. In other words, I also thought that these things would happen, that in the other book the topics would get resolved and everything, all those loose ends would find a match. So after all, great post and thanks for moving my thinking forward Ha!

  2. For your second question I think that Marjane wanted to grow up because she felt helpless. Since the beginning of the book she wanted to join the protests and join her parents to help try to change the situation in Iran. She wasn’t allowed to the things she wanted because it was to dangerous for a person of her age. During the war she saw what was happening to her country and decided that she needed to become stronger because all of the people around her had already done that. When she had to leave the country to continue to live her life she could handle it because she had already become prepared.