Monday, November 10, 2014

Litlerary blog post

  1. What theme or themes does the author explore in the novel?  Which passages in the text connect to theme?
    Death and violence is a strong theme of the book for many reasons. First of all, in the Book "Persepolis, on page 70, it says: "This was my last meeting with my beloved Anoosh. Then, it shows a newspaper article displaying: Russian Spy executed. This shows death and violence. Another example is when the mom is sexually harassed. This means that she was exposed to violence, mostly known as rape. Coincidentally, the next day, all women had to wear veils because many were exposed to violence. Additionally, there were many deaths, since the Islamic Revolution had happened. The islamic revolution started in 1979, and it caused an outbreak, meaning a lot of violence.An outbreak means that people go against their government and rebel. People go on the street and many people die because of the government. This is because the government wants to scare the other people, and to make them not protest or rebel. Overall, Persepolis has many themes, but the ones that most stand out are violence and death.

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