Sunday, November 16, 2014

Persepolis Connection Captain; Julianna Mello

Persepolis has changed the way people think about childhood in many ways. Some may think that her childhood was sad and should be pitied, but others may think that they have to savor their childhoods. I remember that feeling of falling asleep with with my parents and magically teleporting and waking up in my own bed the nest morning. But, first of all what is childhood even? Is it the time you have as a child, is it the life you live as a child, or could it be what you learn as a child. I feel that the definition of that word changes as you get older. We all know how we all wanted to grow up be in control. Yet, as we get older the memories we most treasure are the ones we have as kids. Where it was normal to have absolutely no care in the world which is why most people think the childhood story in Persepolis is abnormal. As I still am young I understand the times where kids would want to feel grown up, but I also do understand the times that kids would want to be babied. In the story of Persepolis you can easily watch and experience these times with Marjane Satrapi near the start of the story especially. In the beginning of the story the protagonist wants to be treated as an adult and accompany her father to the protest. However, on the next page she already asks for he father to carry her to bed, which is something very common when you are young. No matter what definition you have of childhood I believe that all of them are all the same.

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  1. Juli, I agree with you and thought it was very interesting how you related childhood to the book and to your life. I believe that what you said about each one having an opinion about their childhood and how it changes overtime, was very interesting and made me think in a different way. Also, I thought it was very great how you talked about the memories that you most remember mostly all the time come from your childhood. I somewhat agree to that, but I would like to add something. I think that people usually miss their childhood so much because they miss being cared for. When we grow, I guess we become independent and don’t need someone to pet us al day long anymore. Things become more up to you and maybe that’s the reason why your memories don’t stand out so much. Well, overall Juli, I really liked your post and thank you for moving my thinking forward!