Sunday, November 16, 2014

Persepolis Question Commander Week 6#

Post by Heitor G.
Author:Marjane Setrapi

Why did the Guardidans of the Revolution not like "western" clothes and style?
The people in the council did not like that women got to dress the way they like and at the time they thought that rock music influenced younger audiences (similar to what is being said about video games nowadays). Also the people in the council were very religious and thought that the only clothes women can where are the veils and they have to cover the face or they were arrested.

Why did the airport security ban the posters from being taken within the country?
As I have stated before, the religious leaders thought that rock was "evil" or that it could negatively influence younger audiences. The leaders thought that rock could also somehow break the religion and give people something else to believe in, but we also can't forget that they hated the West and didn't want any of their culture  inside the country. In the end, most of what they believed seems and is very stupid.


  1. Heitor,

    I agree with you that the Guardians didn't like western clothes and style because it influenced younger audiences. But, I could add that they didn't allow it because they were told not to by the government. I don't know if I'm correct, but I don't think that they were doing this for their own will; they were told not to let anyone wear this kind of style. Great post!

  2. Heitor, I agree with you about your first response about the veils and clothes. I think that they didn't like that style because it was too influential. In other words, some types of clothing can lead people to believe in things that can bring the community into a mess. Just like video games would hypothetically influence on violence, clothing could influence on people becoming more independent, or act in a way that the society wouldn't accept. It's hard to explain, however easy to understand. Well, for your second question, I agreed with you too. The airport security banned the posters from being taken within the country because they thought it would be influential as well. As we can see, there is a pattern in this communities ruling. They don't like/accept change. Maybe they are even scared of it because it can bring different opinions and that can lead up to a dilemma or even a war.
    Heitor, I agreed with you about all you said, and thanks for pushing my thinking forward.

  3. Heitor,
    For the first question, I think that the Guardians did not like western clothes because it was probably for protection. I think that the guardians thought that wearing these types of clothes would be unethical and dangerous, so therefore they did not like the type of clothing. For the second question, the airport security probably banned the posters, because they were in the middle of war, and it was very important for teenagers to be focused, so therefore they did not want any distraction, that would focus the teenagers out of the study zone.