Monday, November 3, 2014

Connection Captain- Marina Dissinger

Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi,

Marina Dissinger,

Connection Captain,

Pages 3- 62

Recently, we started reading Persepolis in class, and I have a very clear connection. In Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi asks her mother, father and grandma about the past, and they tell her all about it. This is very similar to the book Maus, by Art Spiegelman because in the book, Spiegelman would go to his fathers house almost every day to ask about his past past also. Additionally, this book is similar to Maus because both have the same formatting. In the novel, while her father, or mother, or grandma are telling the past, flashbacks appear, to complement the storytelling. It is exactly the same with Maus.Source


  1. Marina,
    Really good connection. Actually I noticed that too. I think these two novels are very similar in many ways. First of all they are both graphic novels. One of them is about a World War, that is way bigger than the Islamic Revolution but both of them are issues that affected globally. I think also is alike because of the style of writing. Both of them are written in an informal language. Specially in Persepolis in which a ten-year-old girl is telling the story is more noticeable. I hope you found this helpful. Good job.

  2. Marina,
    It was a very good compare and contrast. I had noticed what you talked about as well. It is interesting how both graphic novels have this characteristic of flashbacks. Both of these stories are about two very unique childhoods. Some may say it would be exiting to experience others may say it would be their worst nightmare. That is what changed and differentiated the two books this little ten year old lived through this nightmare. When Art was just told about it. I would not have thought about this if it weren't for your post. Thank you for boosting my thinking.

  3. Marina,

    I found that the connection between the book Maus and Persepolis are quite evident because they are both set in periods of time where violence was present. The Holocaust was a very terrible time where many people were impacted greatly with the loss of loved ones and even their own lives. During the 1979 revolution this was also present. Lots of people were shot on the street due to protests and riots. During this revolution their was also the prisons where many activists were put and tortured. During the Holocaust the same thing was done but at a larger extent. Manual labor and even murdering Jews would take part in these camps.