Sunday, October 26, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher_Giulia D.

Week 3

About the Author

          Art Spiegelman (born on 1948) is an American cartoonist, editor and comics advocate best known for his most successful graphic novel Maus. Since 1992 Art Spiegelman contributed as an artist for the The New Yorker, where he made great art works and as some may even think, "contraversial covers" as well. Spiegelman, is married to Françoise Mouly and has a daughter named Nadja Spiegelman, who is a writer too. The first book that he publicly contributed to with his art was The Wild Party, published  around the 1920-1940 -ish. In this novel, he only took the artist role rather than the writing part; however, many people bought it as a sigh of appreciation and commented on it after read. Art Spiegelman, today is 66 years old, and is in great shape to continue with his career. 

About the Book

          Published in 1980, Maus, won two book awards:  The Pulitzer Prize Special Citations and Awards, and The American Book Awards. It was one of the first graphic novels to receive academic attention in the English-speaking world. A curiosity about the book, did you know that Maus is the German word for mouse? I have always been wondering why the book was called Maus and not Mouse or Mice, and now after this research I got my answer, which I think was very good for my final understanding of the book. In 1972, this same book, before it was published, was just simply a three-strip comic also known as "MAUS". The comic as well as the published graphic novel, is based upon the interview of a man who survived the World War II. Much of the story revolves around Spiegelman's troubled relationship with his father, and the absence of his mother who committed suicide when he was still in a young age. (About 18-20 years old.) That was a little something about the book "MAUS", written by Art Spiegelman. 

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