Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Freedom" - Jorge L (Illustrious Art)

People in this world, have always been in search for freedom. When we turn on the news, we see helpless people in search for it. We, the more fortunate part of this world, take it for granted. For a second or two, I want you to put yourself inside a person shoe, who is fighting for freedom. Their faces, their looks, their eyes, you can see in them, that they need help. You can see that they are not conformed by what they have. You might be thinking to yourself of why I am talking about this, and I have the perfect answer for that. This book, gave me a very strong impression, of what is cruelty. As I now finish this book, I realize of how freedom is a thing that for some, is their dream. In page 138, Vladek is walking by a street secretly, and a person comes up to him. The person tells Vladek that he is also a jew, and that he is also hiding. Vladek soon replies "I'm jewish too! There are very few of us left" This, is not way that a normal person should be treated. They are tortured, as if they had done something wrong, and the worst part, is that they are innocent. Now that I have finished the book, I have a powerful view, of the undesired dream they had.
This image, is another key way to describe how they were. They were controlled by Hitler's army, and when a person is controlled, they have nothing to fight for. But in this situation, Vladek was one of the few who escaped. He was fortunate enough to continue with his life, and move on. To end this, I would like to give a quote that Nelson Mandela once said: "There is no easy walk for freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires."

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