Sunday, October 12, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher - Bethany G

After reading the first few pages of this book I had many questions of what was really happening during this time. The holocaust that lasted in poland lasted from 1930 - 45. It began during world war II, which killed many polish jews that lived there. It took the lives of about three million of the polish jews, which was more than 90% of the pre-war jewish population of poland. Very few survived or escaped from the Nazi's. The holocaust in German, occupied all of poland, which mad them have to listen and follow the rules of the german. Many polish - jews, where killed because of that and mad the population decrease since the jewish population was mostly killed. DUring this time, the jews were treated very poorly, and were disrespected most of the time. On page 53, it tells us that the non jewish polish prisoners, got cabins that were heated and had comfortable beds. While, the jewish polish, had tents with bad beds, and no heating. Other than that, on page 65, it states, " In September, the german soldiers grabbed many jews in the street. They made us sing prayers while they laughed and beat us, and before letting us go, they cut off our beards. As mentions before, this was a time when germans concurred poland and captured jews which they would kill or make them work for them.

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  1. Bethany,
    I also had many questions on what was happening during that time after reading pages 5-71. Now, that I read your post I understood their situation better. Pages 53 and 65, like you said is an example of how badly they were treated. Adding, I was surprised how many people were killed. 90%, wow! This makes me connect to ebola even if it's very different from this. It has killed more than 4,000 people and people predict that it will kill many other people. They are trying to create a vaccine might they have to test on people and maybe it won't work. Further, some people in West Africa think everything is a lie and that doctors are trying to get people's blood. That's just horrible to think that those people can get to a point like that because they don't know what is actually happening. Going back to the topic, your information pushed my thinking forward and made me disappointed at the same time because of the Germans did. Yet, do you know the reason everything just ended? Who stopped it?

  2. Bethany, I believe that your research really pushed my thinking forward because it cleared somethings out for me. It was great how you god some quotes from the book to guide your post and guide you audience. Another thing that helped the reader get along was when you mentioned about some dates. Now I feel that I know more about the story and the time that it was taking place. Again, thank you for pushing my thinking forward, and great post!