Sunday, October 12, 2014

Maus Week #1

Julianna Mello
Line Illuminator
October 12th

Line #1:  My father bleeds history. Yes, it may be in the cover but is very powerful when you think about it. The fact that Art Spiegelman used the word bleeds already tells you that what Vladek is about to tell Artie wasn't a happy time, it was sad and gruesome. In a way it also does give you a little idea about what the book is about, it would have to be a father telling his story. Although, the way that the story comes through is the readers decision, the way the story should come through is the authors decision. This is something important that this line told me, it also gets me exited to read more and see how the story comes through to me.

Line #2: Y-You know English? page 16. This line tells me that knowing English was a big deal then. If you knew it people automatically would get the idea that you are intelligent, or come from a fortunate background. Anja new English because she came from a family who could probably bath in money. However, Vladek learnt in school already making Anja attracted to him. We are still not totally sure if Vladek went after Anja because of her money, as we found out she wasn't one of the pretties girls.  I also noticed that Anja stumbles over her words not expecting somebody like him to speak english, if thats because he didn't look as fortunate or because it was hard to find a fluent English speaker.


  1. Julianna:
    Your quotes are a really good ones. You are right about the first one, it has a lot of meaning on the story. It tells us about the way the World War II modified the way humanity lives nowadays. The thing Vladek went through is the same thousands of Jews felt. About the second one. It is totally true and I agree with it. I just wanted to make a connection with today´s situations. When you came from countries from Latin America, Assian or African countries it is essential for you to know english, not only for making a good impression in people but to communicate with the whole world. The people that don´t speak english (that I know is a lot) are not considered a “qualify“ person.
    Good job Julianna, personally I really like it.

  2. Juli, I believe that you chose a great line for the first one. It was something that showed up even before the book started, and I guess that could've been the summary. The author didn't need any more explaining or background. It just seemed like, "bleeding history" was enough. I believe that Art Spieglemen, author, used a very creative term, as in the metaphor "cats and mice" and also in this idea of a short but effective start. I think you choice of lines was very well accurate, and thank you for taking my learning to another level. Great Job!