Sunday, October 26, 2014

Maus Week 3 Line illuminator

Maus Week 3

Pages 129-159

Line Illiminator


Quote # 1: “They marched us through the city of Bielsko. We passed by the factory what once I owned … We passed the market where always we bought to eat, and passed even the street where we used to live, and we came ‘til the prison, and there they put us.” (page 157)

This quote was a tragic moment in which Vladeck reflects on everything that has happened to his life since the beginning of the war. The death of his child. The loss of his family. And even the loss of his job and all his money. He forced himself and Anja to go on and survive only to have come so far and become imprisoned. This quote suggests how difficult it must be for Vladeck to see all his achievements go down the drain. Im sure lots of people would have given up by this point or even earlier. It was a hard life and I think that it was impressive to see a human being actually able to withstand what Vladeck has done.


 Quote # 2: “We knew the stories – that they will gas us and throw us in the ovens. This was 1944 … we knew everything. And here we were.” (I.6.159)

This quote was the moment that Vladeck realized that this was the ending of his journey. From the beginning to the end of the Holocaust he had stayed strong supporting his family in any way possible. This ties back to my # 1 quote where Vladeck reflects on everything that has happened to him throughout the war. Now he sees the truth and how exactly his life will end. A sad an terrible truth that make Anja go into a depression which probably contributed to her death. Such terrible things Vladeck has gone through, being on the run for almost 6 years. Vladeck is made of steel to be able to withstand what he went through.



  1. Great post James. I like how you explained what Vladeck went through and how he knows the truth about his future. I also liked how you reconnected your second post to your first post. I think that was a very strong connection how Vladeck knew how his life was going to end. Bu tthey both sound the same, you are sort of repeating what you said in quote #1 again, but in different words.

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  3. The first quote I think it is important because of what was affected because of the war. Before the war, Vladek was having a very good time, because he found the love of his life and had a new factory, but because of the war he lost both of these things, and that shows how many people were affected because of the war, in ways that you could never imagine. On the second quote, it shows how many were scared because of the Nazis, because the Nazis would just get a huge group of people and put in the gas chambers, so they would end up killing thousands at once, and that is what feared the Jews the most.