Friday, September 5, 2014

Word wisperer
1) an irony  in my book is on  (page 139). And it says "It's a miracle! How did you manage it? I'm a magician! Have some milk." And in this part of the book, Vladek managed to find some food during a time where it was very difficult too. And to say that your a magician  means that you were more than lucky, to me that what it means. So in my opinion it was a miracle. I think that Vladek and Anja were really lucky during this time for their situation. This effects the reader because of the things that they thought was amazing in the book would be things we would usually  take for granted. So it can teach the reader to be more grateful.

2) In the book Maus, there is a lot of flashbacks. for example, on (page: 135) it says "What happened in 1994, after you left Srodula? We Sneaked toward Sosnowiec..." In this section Vladek has flashbacks in order to share his and Anjas story. The stories he tells can effect the reader, by imagining how terrible it was back then. And the flashbacks influences the book a lot, it tells the story of what life was like back then.

3) An example of repetition, Is on (page 159). And Vladeks son keeps on calling Vladek a murder, because he burned some journals and other things of Anja. He did this because the memories were to much for him at the time, so he burned them to get rid of it. His son keeps on calling him a murderer because he basically killed the memories that were forgotten. I would assume that the reader would feel pity for Vladeks son, because he really wanted to find out what his moms story was, because she wasn't there to tell him herself. This effects the book, because it's another way to feel how Vladeks son felt about what his father did, what he did was as bad as murder to Vladeks son. I choose this image because it represents the journal that Vladek burned.  I choose this picture because it represents of someone hiding, so it can relate to book because of how much Vladek and Anja had to hide.

4) An example of personification in the book is on (page 149) And it says "The mothers always told so: "Be carful! A jew will catch you to a bag and eat you!" The meaning to this is that the germans would even teach their children to not appreciate the jews. This makes me feel as the reader, really sorry for the jews.. Its  surprising to me that this really happened. It makes me realize how much familys and children had to suffer during this time.. And It also makes me wonder what life would have been like living during a time like this. It affects the book because it tells how bad this time was.

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  1. Nice post Anna! I really liked that you also explained what was going on in the book. I agree with almost all of your statements, they were good. For the first one I agree, that they were really lucky with all the stuff they go. Because they got more than other people. For the second one I also agree that, there are a lot of flashbacks. The whole story is about flashbacks, that Vladek tells. For the fourth one, I agree because that does tell how bad things were. It especially tells how bad it is, because the parents would teach them at a young age to not appreciate the jews.