Saturday, September 6, 2014

Word Whisperer

Art Spiegelman
Pages 129-159
Word Whisperer

1.)  Simile:  "I feel like I'm going to burst!" (Pg 130)
In this expression, Mala feels like she is going to 'burst' because Vladek is treating her like she is a maid or nurse.  She has been dealing with this problem for a long time, so that is why she feels like she is going to burst.

2.)  Alliteration:  "I was there, and I saw it.  Thousands - hundreds of thousands of jews from Hungary..."  (Pg 146)
In this expression, 'thousands - hundreds of thousands' is alliteration because it has the repetition of the same sound.  Also, in this part of the book  Vladek is explaining to Art that some people went to Hungary because it was safer.  But then at the end of the war they all got put also to Auschwitz.

3.)  Imagery:  "We knew the stories - that they will gas us and throw us in the ovens.  This was 1944. We knew everything and here we were."  (Pg 157)
In this expression it makes you make a picture in your head, what it might of looked like when they gassed them and threw them in the ovens.  Vladek was saying that they were taken to concentration camp Auschwitz,  and they knew that at that point once they they were there, what will probably happen next.

4.)  Flashback:  "These notebooks, and other really nice things of mother...  One time I had a very bad day...  And all of these things I destroyed."  (Pg 158)
In this expression Vladek is telling Art, that one day he was having a bad day and destroyed Anja's diaries.  He destroyed Anja's diaries because they would bring back all the memories.  Art was then very angry, because he really wanted to read his mothers experiences.  He thought maybe, it would be a good touch to the book he was writing.

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