Friday, September 12, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher - Lexi

Marjane Satrapi 
Week 4:  Introduction + pages 3-62
Risk Taking Researcher 

I have decided to research about the Islamic Revolution, because this book is based on Marjane's life growing up in Iran during that time.  

The Islamic Revolution occurred in 1979.  It started because many Iranians disliked the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.  A person named Ayatollah Khomeini started protests to overthrow the government.  About 60,000 protesters and revolutionaries died during this time.  He soon came to be the new leader of Iran.  Shortly after this revolution ended, Iraq invaded Iran.  That war ended in 1988.  Since then, Iran has been known for Islamic Republic of Iran.  The supporters of the revolution are still leaders of the country.  The revolution even caused some Iranians to leave Iran and feel ashamed of their culture.

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  1. Your post is really good. It gave a lot of good information, that I needed in order to understand the book more clearly. I also like how the picture explains a lot of what you researched about and also it goes more into detail about what it was really like, instead of graphic novels that help you visualize the book, but this helps you to visualize it more in a realistic way.