Thursday, September 11, 2014

Antonia Maus Risk Taking Researcher

Art Spiegelman
Risk Taking Researcher
Pages 129 – 159

   I decided to research about Hungary, one of the places in the book. Abraham decided to go to Hungary before Anja and Vladek even decided whether they would go or not. Throughout the book, it was mentioned that Hungary was a safe place. Therefore, I was curious to know if it really was safe there, or if that was just from the book.
During this period of time, Hitler took over Germany and the government in Hungary tried to make an alliance with the Nazis. In addition, Germany took control over many countries in the area near Hungary, and Germany gave up some of their land to Hungary. Hungary and Germany were also against Soviet Union in the war. After all this, Hungary tried to get out of their alliance, and as a result, Germany invaded their territory. Between around May and July 1944, Jews were being sent to camps. Then, from July to October, all Jews in Budapest were in safety. Someone named Ferenc Szalasi was in power.
Hungary wasn’t that safe throughout the whole time. It was only safe for around four months. In this book, people were captured on the train ride headed to Hungary. After all I researched, I found that the information on the book is different from what actually happened.

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