Sunday, September 28, 2014

Persepolis - Carolina Laport


Marjane Satrapi

Week #4

Pages # 62- 153

Job #5 - Illustration Artist -

                 Through out the whole book Satrapi has faced a lot of challenges. She saw pain, lose, death in her own eyes. She saw her whole world change in a matter of years. She had to adapted to all the rules such as wearing the veil but inside she knew what she believed in. She was against her new situation. She was not like most people who believed secretly, she wanted her voice to be heard. She knew that what she stand for could get her and a lot of people hurt but she would never take a step back, she always took a step fourth. Satrapi was never scared, when she went to the meeting against fundamentalism she knew that there was a possibility of fights to happen but she went anyways when her parents said it was to dangerous. The society was trying to change her to someone that she was never going to be. They were trying to make everyone including Satrapi the same.
               The drawing that I choose based on a passage on page 81, '' ... We have to teach those Iraqis a lesson! '' The reason why I choose this passage to reflected on my drawing was because it clearly states on how Satrapi has a strong mind. She would not sit while the Iraqis bombed innocent places, she wanted to teach them a lesson. She wanted justice to be claimed. Also the drawing shows that the society was trying to change her but she did not let it. She wanted to be different and that was what made her unique.

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