Sunday, September 28, 2014

Job 4# - Question Commander - Felipe M.

Marjane Satrapi
Pages: 62-153
Week: 5/6

       1#: Why do you think that music tapes, cards and a chess set was sold in a black market?\

       I think that the tapes where sold in the black market because the country, at that time, was very strict about everything. If people couldn't even show their hair, they probably also couldn't listen to music. I think that the cards where sold there because probably people abused of them and made games that where illegal. Maybe that chess set was there because people hided things in it or it was some kind of code to sell illegal things.

       2#: How would you fell if you found your best friends' house was destroyed by missiles and you didn't know if your friend was in there?

       Besides being devastated, the first thing I would do would be to look for my friend and make sure that he/she was dead or alive. If I discovered that my best friend was dead, I would be a lot more careful and I would see other people in a different way, I would think that everybody has their one dark side.

       3#: Why do you think that Marji's mother died?

       I think that Marji's mother died because of a heart attack. As her child was going away, and she would probably never se her again, she felt extremely sad and had a heart attack.

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  1. Felipe,
    I think you showed great thought into your questions, but I do not agree with you on the Last Question. I do not think Marji's mother had a heart attack. I think she fainted of being so sad to see her first/only daughter leaving the country, without them. Marji might have thought her mother had died, since she wouldn't be able to talk to her to see if she was okay.