Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maus/Persepolis Rotation 5 Question Commander

Question #1- Why did the author of the book, marjane satrapi choose persepolis, as the title of her book?
      The title, Persepolis refers to the capital of the Persian Empire and is another reference to Iran’s history.The title is a reference to the ancient capital of the Persian Empire named, Persepolis.The book's title is from the name of ancient Persia's capital, although Persepolis is in fact the Greek translation of the original Persian name Parsa.

Question #2- What was marjane like at the beginning of Persepolis, how did she change throughout the book?
         In the beginning of the book Marjane was a relatively ambivalent character in the beginning of Persepolis. Although she is forced to wear a veil at school because of the place she lived in. She also doesn't really know how to feel about it. This is probably because she has always been religious. Marjane was the only child that really begged to go protest against the Iranian government with the others because she was the only one that believed in herself throughout the book.

Question #3- Why do Marjane's parents think it is best for her to go live in Vienna?
          I think that Marjane’s parents want her to go live in Vienna because they believe that she will do better there and be happier because she will be away Iran and the war that is occurring. The final decision was mainly based on Marji's out busts in school and how she was bound to get in a lot of trouble for them eventually. They choose Vienna because Marji's mother's best friend lives there and an Austrian Visa is easiest to achieve in Iran.


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