Monday, September 29, 2014

Illustration Artist

Quote I based my drawing on." We had demonstrated on the very day we shouldn't have: one Black Friday. That day there were so many killed in one of the neighbors that rumor speed that Israel This quote stood out to me not only because it interested me but it also confused me. What did the Author mean when she said that they really attacked themselves and what is black friday? Furthermore I liked this part of the book because it shows how ignorant the author was when she was younger. It was already dangerous to go out and protest but to go on a day where they were killing the protesters made it very dangerous for her to do something like that. Another reason why her and her maid had gotten slapped. I drew Marjane an dyer maid in the middle with sad faces because thats what they felt  when they found out about black friday.The background was a drawing that she did to represent the deaths that happened that day. Overall Persepolis was a very interesting and well written book. I recamend it to anyone who want to learn more about the islamic revolution.

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