Saturday, September 13, 2014

Illustrious Artist For Persepolis, By: Jessica Z

A part in Persepolis that really stuck out to me was when the people were trying to get rid of the king. People were in the streets holding signs, yelling, and trying to get what they wanted. They called it demonstrating. I never heard it called demonstrating, I have only heard protesting, it seems like it is the same thing though. The little girl, Marji, wanted to go demonstrate. Her parents kept telling her no and no. I think her parents were trying to protect her. I think demonstrations can get violent and they didn't want her to get hurt. In the book, it said someone was almost hit with a bullet. Although, Marji's parents later said that the mark on her face has always been there. Marji didn't seem to realize that the demonstrations can be violent. It seemed like she thought that they just didn't want her there for no good reason. Marji really wanted to help and do what was right. I have to agree with the her parents though, I don't think a kid should be going to a demonstration. What do you think? This picture shows exactly what was going on in Persepolis. They are having a demonstration. They are trying to get people to see and know what they want. 

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  1. I agreed with what you said on your post. I have also never heard a person say demonstration instead of protesting. When Marji begged her parents to take her to the demonstration on page 17, I also think her parents did the right thing. A demonstration was very dangerous and children shouldn't bother to go there. She did not understand how dangerous it was. I don't think she actually understand any danger. Because on page 54 she says " If only he had been in prison." Marji wanted her dad to be in prison. What she said here shows that she does not know any danger of prison. She considered a person in a prison a hero.