Saturday, September 13, 2014

Connection Captain - Max H.

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Section: Introduction + pg.3-62

Job: Connection Captain

You are in charge of connecting what is happening in your text to what you are studying in Grade 8 or current events in the world around you. You can also connect the events to personal experiences you have had, things you have seen or heard about in real life, or events that occurred in other books you’ve read or movies you’ve seen. The connector will often use phrases like: “This reminds me of…” or “This event was similar to…” The connector role must write 2 strong paragraphs. Add and properly cite 2 images to complement your post.

        Throughout the beginning reading of Persepolis, I thought it was as interesting as Maus because of the graphic novel format and how it can tell such a powerful story. Not only that, but I enjoyed some of the ''humor'' involved in this book in order to make it less ''boring''. However, I was able to relate to some parts of the book. An event that stuck out to me was the part where the regime caused people to burn down a movie theater with a bunch of other people inside. Because of that, Marji wants to participate in the protest that's being organized against the police. On page 47, Marji states:"For a revolution to succeed, the entire population must support it". However, her parents won't let her come, which is a shame for the little girl. On that same night, Marji ends up trying to speak with God, yet he doesn't respond to her. To me, this quote is the more important because of the fact it demonstrates an important life lesson for many people. If various citizens do not like the rules and laws of the current government, they have the right to protest against this. In the case of Iran, the more people demonstrating meant that there was more power in between the group. If their is a lesser amount, that means there will be not much power and no one can really stop a horrible government alone. In my opinion, the quote shows that you must work together to fight against something you want. Additionally, you have to combat anything that stands in your way so you can reach your goal. Actually, the story ''A Bundle of Sticks'' also relates to this because when everybody works together it facilitates the ways of achieving something. Plus, the more sticks are tied together, the more force there is, relating back to the population supporting the revolution.    
        Moving on, this event reminds me of the way a dictator rules a country. Back then, their were many dictatorship's such as the countries Japan, Germany, Russia, etc. The way Iran was ruled makes me feel that the government was pretty much the same because so many people were against the ruler, but whatever they did, the risk was very high of getting injured. An example of this can be Marji's father because he was a photographer who was willing to put himself in danger just to take action photos. Overall, in this revolution, the best option was everyone to stick together and fight as one because of the way people had to have more power when being a group.

Source                                                                       Source 2

''Bundle of Sticks''                              Everyone has some type of disagreement and opinion, especially during a revolution.

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