Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maus - Illistration Artist

For this picture, I wanted to represent how so many things are changing in his life, and he doesn't have time to adjust to it. Every element in this picture represent something different in his life. Work, family Nazis. He isn't happy with whats going on his is life, and it a dark time in Poland. That is why I decided to make everything black and white.


  1. Martina,
    I really like the drawing you made, I like how it's so detailed. Now that you made me think about it, it's true he's going to some really difficult situations, but since the dad is telling the story to his son, he wants to make it sound more simple than it was. It was a very dark time and people had to be strong in order to survive.

  2. I liked the drawing you made. I liked how made every detail something with meaning. For example I liked how you made every thing dark so it looked how bad the situation he was. Also, I liked how you talked about the work and talked about Nazism in the book.

  3. Martina,
    I like how you made the picture relate to the book. From that you can understand the story better. Your drawing is very clear, it says that his life changed from getting captured and running away to his family. It looks in the drawing that even though his life is trying to hold him back he still moves forward.