Friday, August 29, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Maus

Week #2 - Maus
Sophia Takahashi

Rotation #2
Page 72 - 128
Illustrious Artist

"My family... my wife.. my home... Where do I go?"

This drawing shows the difficult choice Vladek's father had to make on Page 90-91. Choosing from safety or his wife and younger children. One Page 91, Jews were split into two groups, one going to the deadly gas and one away from it. Unexpectedly, Vladek's father's family is taken to the 'Bad Side', for having too many children. His father is put in the 'Good Side'. As he decides to go to the 'Bad Side' to stay with his family, he is never seen again.

Life threatening decision can be really difficult to decide on. As one from never seeing your loved ones again or being able to have the chance to live longer; can be a tough decision. As most people believe it is better to die having loved ones than living forever in isolation. Vladek's father decides to lead the path with his family, and if I was to stand in his shoes, I would too. 

"All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." - Leo Tolstoy


  1. I thought that the specific part of the book that you chose for this post was really good. The image in the end of the post really made sense with the post that was above. In the end of the last paragraph, you said that if you were put into Valdek's shoes you would have done the same thing he did for his family. I agree with you, if I were Valdek, in the situation he was in I would do the same thing. I also liked that you added a quote above the image in the bottom of the paragraph. The only problem that was there is that the name of this kind of post is illusionist artist. You did draw the image, but you uploaded an google image that you did not draw and that you were supposed to draw.

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  3. Sophia,
    I agree with you that Vladek has to make lost of choices. This made me realizing that it is not easy making big choices that could but not only his life at risk but his whole family's life as well. Vladek had to be very careful about the choices your making because one thing goes wrong it could lead to loosing the people he cared about. I think that your explanation and your drawing really connects.

  4. Sophia,
    I think you made great connection between your drawing and the book. Out of all your post, the sentence that stood out to me the most is, If I was to stand in his (Vladeks fathers) shoes, I would do what he did too. I agree with what you said in this sentence. I could see that this was a very hard decision to make for Vladek's father. His choice he had was either to end his life with his family, or to keep on living life on his own. As he did on page 91, I think he made the right choice. And as you mentioned, I would do as Vladek's father, if I were in his situation. Because family is all that matters in life. Overall I really liked you post ! But I think you should include why you thought Vladek's father made the decision to go to the 'bad side' with his family, instead of the 'good side'.

  5. Mai,
    I do agree that I should have added a perspective of why I thought Vladek's father chose to go on the bad side, and on my perspective, I think he chose that side because he wanted to be with his family and didn't think his wife would be able to survive with four kids.