Saturday, August 30, 2014

Connection Captain for Maus, Jessica Z

Chapter four was about how Vladek came to live in his father in laws house with the rest of his family, and the Nazis began to take more and more Jews. Vladek was trying to get more money by getting goods without coupons, and other things that he could get in trouble for. This reminds me of the book The Book Thief. The Book Thief takes place during World War II, just like Maus. In The Book Thief the family was hiding a person, and doing that could get them in a lot of trouble with the Nazis. It also kind of reminded me of The Giver. In the The Giver, the government basically controlled their whole life. This is what the Nazis are doing to the Jews. They are trying to create, in what they see in their eyes, a "perfect world". In addition to that, the Jews, just like the citizens in The Giver can't do anything to change that.

Chapter five was about how Vladek and his family had to make choices like sending their kids away, and they also had to hide a lot. The first thing that I really made a connection with was the part where they hung some of the Jews. I immediately thought of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. In Pirates of the Caribbean, the English would hang the pirates, this movie was meant to take place a long time ago. I think that it is terrible that they hung people, in WWII and in the movie. It really makes me realize how cruel people can be. Also, when reading this chapter Vladek describes how the him and other Jews would make these hideouts for them to hind in when the Nazis would come search their store or house. It reminds me how I used to make forts and other things when I was little. It also reminds me of how animals will make a den or something similar to hide in from predators. I think the animal predators are kind of like the Nazis, and the Jews would be the animals that build the "dens".



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  1. Congrats Jessica! I really connect to your first connection and how the nazis relate to the book Giver. In my opinion the book Giver is all about what would a perfect society be, in the book the citizens live afraid and hidden from the reality that it to live a real life experience. I some way life would be worthless since they could experience a full one. In Maus the Jews connect to the citizens of the Giver, although they don't see a colorless world they live one. As we read in the book, many people had o be sent to concentration camps were they would be put to work numberless hours. I can see that the book also connects a lot with a very serious cries going on today, which is the child labour. Kids have to be sent all around to work and sustain their family in hope that one day they will have a better life, but they won't. In the book Vladek predicts he is going to be released from the concentration camps but actually he was going to be executed with numberless other people. Fortunately, Vladek had the opportunity to live again but this is not realty to many Jews and children that are forced to work. Many of their lives will never change unless we make choices.