Sunday, May 10, 2015

Persepolis Blog Post #5 Illustrates artist

I drew this images to symbolize the Processes that Marjane goes through throughout the novel Persepolis. Hear tears are supposed to symbolize the times were she feels left out and decides to do things anyway, with consequences. The first time we see this happen is when Marjane decides to go to one of the protest, After her parents said not to. Marjane quickly left thought after seeing tat the people were getting slaughtered, only to find her parents running at her very displeased. And thats what the tears symbolize it means that every time her parents say not to do something and se does it something bad will always happen. The missiles are to resembles the consequences for example when Marjane snuck out with her maid they both got slapped by Marjanes mom and almost got killed at the protest.

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