Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lit. Analysis - Victor B

     The book Maus by Art Spiegelman has many themes incorporated to it. In my opinion, the two themes that are best demonstrated are the will human beings have to gain power and discrimination people have against race. First of all, Spiegelman demonstrated how only the Nazis had the entire control in their society. Especially, the ones that didn't have the characteristics that the Nazis considered to be part of the ''perfect'' race. These people suffered the most horrific types of consequences, they were persecuted and most of them ended up dying in concentration camps. This aspect of the book is very related to the other theme explored in the book. This book plays with the idea that Jews are less than other humans. Jews are represented as mice and the Germans are represented as cats. However, this representation has a difference than to what actually happened in real life. Not all mice are bad, but in real life they believed all Jews were bad that is why they tried to eliminate them. All in all, this book gives an example of something that should never happen again.

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