Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Question Commander (Robert Gibbs)

Q1. Do you think that the color of the comic squares affect how the readers sees the story?

I think the the book being in black and white brings a gloominess over the story and make the story's feel more appropriate to the actions portrayed in the book. Because the story was taking place during and after world war two it gives it a sense of dispraise of how terrible it actually was. I also believe that if this story was portrayed in any kind of color it would break the readers imaginary connection to the book and they would not have a big grasp on what the book is trying to present to the reader. Many parts in the book I was reading and seems of blood would come in and my brain would automatically insert red and if the book was all in color than i would have never had had the chance to connect to the book.

Q2. Do the artistic metaphors in the book bring any sense of urgency into the book?

I feel that they do although there has been only one really big and obvious one it still brought a sense the no one should ever repeat what was done in this time period. The one I thought was the most obvious was the swastica square where Vladek and Anja were trying to find a new place to hid and they were walking across the square and int the painting it was shaped like swastica. The imagery used in this make a clear barrier like they were hiding from the germans which they were. This one really struck me as a sense of dominece because the Nazi regime was in control and i felt that the author made this so the reader could get a grasp of how it would feel like.

Q3. Does the fact that the book is a comic make the time period less convoluted by all the details and make the story be more comprehensible.

I felt that the fact that the book was a comic it made it easier to understand. Because I had studied the history of the holocaust I could understand more of the mediators but overall it made the dark menacing war into something easier to wrap your head a round. Many scenes portrayed in the book are limited by how they are drawn but that is good, one scene in particular was when they would swing the children by there feet at the wall was a good example. The reason why the drawing limitations are good are because if not your mind would go on and imagine what it would look like in real life and make it morbid and disgusting. I also felt that because the book was so child like in it's drawing format it makes the book more enjoyable. When I was learning about the holocaust we were learning through images and stories and the sky was the limit when i was imagining the stories to a point were i was reluctant to read the stories. This is was really getting into the details of the storie which i enjoyed.


  1. Robert,
    Nice post. Funny how we had so similar questions right? Anyways, you talked about the colors in the book, and I agree with you completely. If the book was in color, it wouldn't show the gravity of this event. Also, I think that if it was colorful, the book would seem more kid-ish, and I don't think that that is the purpose of the book. Why else could the book have been printed in black and white?

  2. Robby Gibs, I really enjoyed your post, I think you could have improved in some parts, but over all it was a very god blog, It made me think more about the reading of the book and helped me improve the overall understanding of the book in many different ways.