Friday, April 24, 2015

Omar Maus Blog 2 Connection Captain

In this week me and my book group are reading the book MAUS, MAUS tells the story of how the World War II was an extremely hard time for the Jewish community, and how the Jewish community were prosecuted with violence and hate. When the mouse is taken from his family he has to live a very rough life nearly indescribable, he is poorly fed and he has to sleep in extremely bad conditions, In a tent. Also he has to shower in extremely cold water and that does not nearly express what the jewish community has been going through in the second World War. Like Mr. Lippman's Granddad said, no representation comes close to what really happened in the second world war. I want to make a discrimination connection, not as harsh as the jewish prosecution, but one that is still present today. The connection between social classes. Between Rich and Poor people. Here in Brazil this discrimination is more than present, It is something that poor people have to live with everyday. Rich people have some sort of disgrace for the poor population, they think that the poor is what is wrong with this country. Also the Brazilian 1% of rich people think of the poor as less than them, not in wealth, but in humanity, they refuse to think that the poor is also human, so they see the poor as just another chess piece in the game of life. Of course this type of disequality is nothing compared to what the Jewish people went through in the book mouse, but it is definitely a type of discrimination that deserves attention.

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