Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rotation #5 - Line Iluminator - Chloé C.

"If hair is as stimulating as you say, then you need to shave your mustache!"(Page 98)

This quote might have been used for humor reasons, but it actually shows something a bit more deep. In this part of the story showing any hair was forbidden, and against the law. Furthermore, in the scene the headmaster is telling students to be more well-behaved and to properly wear the veil, but the headmaster herself is showing hair. Even though it is from the mustache the women are not supposed to show any hair at all, since any hair has substances that make man excited.

I chose this image because even though women were supposed to cover the entire hair with the veil, this woman shows a few pieces from the roots, which is not allowed.

"If stores were closed for a single day, you'd probably eat each other! And you call yourselves civilized people! If everyone took only what they needed there would be enough to go around!" (Page 87)

This quote by itself shows how people could be quite greedy, but when you read the next two boxes you notice how Marji's mom doesn't mean what she says, since she wants to go to another store to take more food. It shows how greedy people can be and how stupid they can act while they are at it, since a while before you were complaining about something but now you would be doing the same thing yourself.

I chose this quote because it shows a lot of controversy, since it talks about two men who killed someone, but the people actually wanted him dead.

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