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Literary Analysis Week 4 - Bernardita

This image shows both the way
 Marjane Satrapi's
 graphic style is put out also a 
little section of tension.
- What theme or themes does the author explore in the novel?  Which passages in the text connect to theme?

Tension and Love

To being, the novel Persepolis brings out a specific graphic style to the autobiographical narrative, which the author, Satrapi draws in black and white though in a minimalist and simple style. This style is meant to represent a ‘childlike’ understanding of the world in Satrapi’s footsteps throughout her childhood. The significant concept behind the black and white is both the past and also how the Islamic revolution left Iran without its rich beautiful cultural history.

The novel of Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, brings out a variety of themes and the main one I'll write about is tension between the character and the conflicts in her country, Iran. Throughout the novel, the character, Marjane feels a tension between the great and magnificent past of the Persian Empire and the brutality and problems of Iran. In the novel’s opening chapters, she defines herself as good prophets of her past. She imagined herself as a beautiful symbol between love and toughness. 'I wanted to be justice, love and the wrath of God all in one' (page 9) Marjane quotes. She began to compare the conflict to a 1400-year that has been paid between the Arabs and the Persians when the wars of the Iran-Iraq War. This solid belief in the past has put the tension as with the novel’s present day - political intolerance and religious fundamentalism. Marjane’s journey throughout the novel, is a discovery of 'how one can love one’s past while acknowledging it’s present condition.'

This imagine above shows the love 
and demonstrative her parents have by 
sending her to Europe to explore the world 
and to continue on her bright 
future ahead.
Another theme I've acknowledged throughout the novel, is the 'love' and 'relationship' Marjane has with her parents. Despite all the conflict with their country, they still stayed united. The conflicts and the love she shares with her parents was and is an essential part of her growth as a person. Both of her parents love her deeply and seek to provide her with the best education and home. They also hope for Marjane to live a life of full of privileges. ‘Let’s talk about something else. Let’s enjoy our new freedom!’ states Mr. Satrapi, ‘Now that the devil has left!’ quotes Mrs Satrapi. (pg 43) This shows how both caring and affectionate they both are with Marjane’s life and thoughts. Although throughout the novel, it shows how Marjane strongly feels about her parents’ thoughts, about the   political views plus their actions.  

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