Sunday, February 8, 2015

Risk-Taking Researcher Flor Uhart

Maus pg. 5-71
Round One 

Art Spiegelman (born in 1948) is an American cartoonist and editor best known for his most successful graphic novel, Maus. He is married to designer, Francoise Mouly, and has a daughter and a son, his daughter, Nadja Spiegelman is also a writer. In 1992 he spent a decade providing several high profile and sometimes controversial covers for The New Yorker. The first book that he publicly contributed his art to was, The Wild Party, which was published around 1930.

His most successful novel is Maus, published in 1980. In 1972, before it was published, it was just simply a three-strip comic, named MAUS. The comic, as well as the graphic novel, is based on a man who survived World War II.  A big amount of the story revolves around Spiegelman’s difficult relationship with his father and the absence of his mother who committed suicide when he was still young.

The graphic novel won two book awards; The Pulitzer Prize Special Citations and Awards, and The American Book Awards. It’s not certain if Spiegelman (66) will continue writing graphic novels, though it seems like he has no trouble with continuing his career.

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  1. Interesting post Flor... you mostly talked about Art Spiegelman the author and the book Maus. Great job as a researcher but, you could have added some information about what is happening inside the book. It was a good idea to talk about the book itself and the author, but since many people might be also curious about the information of the book, you could have added the information. It could have been about the Holocaust, the World War 1, or why Hitler did these terrible things. But otherwise interesting post.