Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ivanna Hidalgo - Illustrious Artist

Ivanna Hidalgo
Week #2 - Pages 73 - 127
Job - Illustrious Artist
Maus by Art Spiegelman

           To start of with, I chose to draw this because it somehow represented the relationship between Valdek and Mala, Valdek's current wife. In my opinion, this represents the couple's relationship because the comic-like drawing explains how Mala is replacing Anja when she committed suicide. Therefore, it explains how Valdek just physically replaced Anja for someone who can be a wife to him. Anyways, there was a certain scene that took place during the reading on page 93, which inspired me to draw this. I thought that the negativity in the relationship was too big to not write about it. In fact, I really got the mouthful of the hate and desperation there was in between this relationship. Another reason why I chose this scene is because it symbolized the errors one can make when something unfortunate happens. In other words, many times people think doing something is the right thing, when in the end; it all turns out to be a kind of tragedy. For example, Valdek chose Mala as his wife after Anja died. However, my thinking is that he thought that by getting another body to be his wife, everything would be good and back to normal. On the other hands, Mala wasn't a woman he appreciated, now relating to the actual drawing. 
          In the beginning, the child in the drawing finds the same doll he had broken and bought it, yet he stayed unhappy because it wasn't the doll he first had. Additionally, this drawing relates to Valdek and Mala because it tells how Valdek unconsciously chose Mala without realizing she wasn't the one. To conclude with, making the wrong decision is why they fight most of the times or why they don't really "click" as a true and happy marriage.

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  1. Ivanna, I really enjoyed your drawing. It truly represents Vladek and Mala's relationship, and I like that you chose to draw this instead of something similar to the cover of the book, or something that doesn't go very deep. It is not colored or extremely detailed, but I like that you drew the star on Vladek's shirt. One question I have is why did you choose to draw them as people and not as mice? I agree with what you said about Vladek physically replacing Anja with someone who can be a wife to him, even though he doesn't love Mala, and Anja can't really be replaced. I also agree that the relationship between Mala and Vladek became a great deal, and I thought about it a lot. I really enjoyed what you said: "In other words, many times people think doing something is the right thing, when in the end; it all turns out to be a kind of tragedy." I agree that Vladek chose Mala to be his wife unconsciously. All in all, your drawing and its metaphor is great, and your explanation for it really goes deep and helps us understand their relationship better. Good work!