Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gabe. Week #2

Gabriel Yamada

Week #2

Line Illuminator

Pages 72-127

"The Germans intended to make an EXAMPLE of them" - Page 83
I believe that this quote is very important to the story because it show brutality of the Nazi's and how desperate they were to threaten and scare the Jews into submission. It also shows how bad the conditions were for those persecuted by the Nazi regime. So far in the book we have seen very desolate conditions of these people in which they have very little food and have no basic rights. The nazi  regime suppress their basic rights and stop them from speaking up.

"The guards, it was Jews with big sticks. They acted so, just like the Germans." - Page 106

This quote caught my attention for two reasons first because of the fact that some Jews betrayed the others to save themselves and the use of Germans in his speech. I found it very surprising when I heard that some Jews had joined the Nazi's and were helping them round up others to try to save their own skin. This is like your mother or father sacrificing you to save themselves, which I find very cowardly. I believe that in times like this unity and friendship are most important. Also I found it very disturbing that the Jews said that the Jewish Police acted just like the Germans. I found this perturbing because they generalized the Nazi party. Instead of saying Nazi's to point at the political group in charge of this persecution, they say Germans saying that it's not only the Nazi's but anyone of German nationality. With this generalization, people some which may not be part of the Nazi government and may try to rebel against it are being accused of being as bad as these murderers.

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  1. Gabe, you have a good post and your lines are pretty good. But I think you missed out some of the important parts but I think it is pretty good. But you have good lines and good reasons for the lines you chose. I think you should have had more information not like Thiago but more information, and the reason why you chose the lines.