Sunday, February 8, 2015

Connection Captain Week 1

     As every person in the world has a different opinion of an "ideal" world, so did Hitler. However, Hitler took this case too far. Maus is a book that tells a story about a survivor during WWII. 
     I can relate Maus to our society with the Nazis. Hitler "kindly" asked Austria, Luxembourg, etc. for them to unite with Germany. Thus making Germany bigger, and stronger. Allowing them to take down stronger foes. We can break sticks really easy. Some of us are even able to snap it with two-three fingers. However the more sticks you break at one time, the harder it gets. A bundle of sticks is much stronger than a lone stick. Which was basically Hitler's plan. 
     Many people accuse Germany for the crisis and cause of WWII. It doesn't only affect their nation, it affects their citizens. However not every citizen of Germany should be accused since not all of them wanted Nazism to happen. So do the people who were part of the Nazi. It was by law they had to enforce and become one of Hitler's soldiers. This is Kurt Waldheim. was an Austrian diplomat and politician. Waldheim was the fourth Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1972 to 1981, and the ninth President of Austria from 1986 to 1992. However, Kurt Waldheim was a soldier during Nazism. Surprisingly, Mr.Waldheim was still elected as president of Austria. He explained why he had to help Germany and terrorize other countries.  
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  1. Jaewon,

    I noticed how your post included valuable images. I want to point out that your job was to find a connection to the outside; however, I didn't really see any connections. Even though you did symbolize the branches as the German citizens, your post lacked the focus on associations. From what I understood, the more German Nazi citizens, the better Hitler was controlling the Jews and punishing them. In fact, that is a great representation, yet I did not see any connection apart from this concept. Overall, your thinking was advanced in terms of the visuals you used.

  2. You have a great connection to the world during that time and to a bundle of sticks. But your real job as Ivanna has mentioned is to find out the connection to the outside. You did a good job on your first paragraph but not so much on the second paragraph. Adding on Waldheim had nothing to do with the connection outside since you only mentioned that he claimed or explained that why he helped Hitler do that. Since explaining why he had to help Hitler doesn't connect to what the society or the world is now. Overall you had great pictures and detailed ideas for your 1st paragraph. But I know that you can do better in your 2nd paragraph. But great visuals and thoughts!

  3. Hey Jae Won, your post made me think of what would happen to our society is Hitler was in charge of it!
    Though, I don't see strong connections in your text. Maybe you could include how Jews are teated today compared to the past and include a actual story of someone. Also, the end is kind of strange. In the beginning you present the topic well though at the and it is suddenly an burst of information that you could spread some of the information across your paper.
    Last, you should include the links for the images. Apart from that, you made a good post.


  4. A Nazi soldier being able to become a part of the United Nations and a President does not surprise me. For as soon as Hitler gained power he change the school systems and taught the youth of Germany his ways and that the were right and should be acted upon. To say the least he brainwashed the youth of Germany so once they were of fighting age they would gladly put on the Nazi uniform and fight. My point is Kurt Waldheim could have been easily trick to believe in the Nazis when he was young and it is not surprising to me that they forgave someone who was tricked. For example if someone was tricked into smuggling illegal good into a country he is often times forgiven by law because he did not intently break the law. It is the same with Kurt and other Nazi soldiers they are forgive becuase they were trick into doing something evil and wrong.